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About Us

Dick Klees, researcher, nature-photographer and illustrator, born in Bilthoven (1955) the Netherlands, has been fascinated by nature from his childhood. Nature was explored by ever expanding wanderings. As a boy he already knew that he wanted to become a 'rambler'. In the mean time, his work and life-style resembles this youth-ideal. After biology, Dick started with illustrating and photography. An ideal combination to frame nature. His work often has been the reason to cooperate with field researchers. Especially for Dick's interest in the mustelid family, he travelled the world. To do research and to cover subject related features. Dick's images are not only informative but from artistic high level too, proven by different awards. Along them a first price in the prestigious British Wildlife photographer of the year competition. His images, (illustrations and photos) are being found in numerous (international) books and publications.

Rita van den Broek born and raised 'outdoors' surrounded by nature. From her early days on, Rita has experienced life intense between animals and plants. Logical that her first job was found in nature education. Lately - to work together in Studio Wolverine - Rita has developed herself quick as a gifted nature-photographer, with a very special sense for colour and composition. Endless scenery or tiny detail, nothing escapes Rita's photographic attention. Her devotion guaranties the best possible results. 'No mountain to high'. Bringing their capacities together has created a unique cooperation. In love of travel, artistic and with knowledge of nature they situate themselves well prepared at the most promising spots, waiting for what will be happening. That brings them to corners of the globe at the most unusual times But it's worthwhile, resulting in ultimate experiences and images of extraordinary meetings.

Photograpy Blogs

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Travel the World

Travelling is definitely something different then vacation, it is a necessary way of life for a nature photographer, who is interested in covering subjects beyond his backyard.

Just because scenery and species are bound to geographical or climatologic conditions, occurring on defined places at the globe. The only way to meet, is bringing them a visit in their own environment. That demands for transporting yourself to the right spot in the best available period.

You need timing and organization for a successful trip, besides a dozen other things, best summarized as good luck.

Wherever you go, any travel is an eye opener for your understanding of the surrounding world and enriches your life. That fuels the motivation someone needs to overcome the daily hassles what seems to be an integrated part of travelling.

Besides almost all European countries we visited:
  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • Chili
  • Canada
  • Alaska, California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Oregon, Washington
  • Costa Rica
  • Algeria
  • Tunesia
  • Marocco
  • South Africa
  • Namibie
  • Botswana

And many more to come....